Learning Should Always Be Fun

At Hebron Christian Preschool, we believe that children are constructors of knowledge. With guidance, they can all be curious and competent learners.

Young children learn to connect with the world through active exploration of the environment. To scaffold this area of learning, our children are engaged in activities that allow them to use their imagination, where they build mental structures that enable them to think and progress to the next level of understanding. Skilful teachers aid this progress by providing engaging learning experiences that foster their curiosity and create excitement in learning new skills and knowledge.

We develop our children’s conceptual knowledge and skills holistically through indoor and outdoor learning with ample hands-on activities. These help to engage both sides of their brains. Our hands are always busy with both work and play!

What We Pack Into Our Classes


  • Child-centered curriculum
  • Purposeful play
  • Inquiry-based project
  • Outdoor learning


  • Aesthetics
  • Social & Development Learning
  • Letterland Phonics
  • Reading Programme
  • Creative Writing
  • Primary 1 Preparatory Programme
  • Music & Movement
  • Bible Stories


Strong English and Chinese language competencies to help our children thrive in our globalised world


Learning Beyond the Classroom

Our children have also been involved in mega projects that have stretched their learning and teamwork beyond the classroom. From honouring daily heroes such as the police officers of Yew Tee Neighbourhood Police Post through the “Start Small Dream Big” President’s Challenge, to performing song and dance items for the aged in nursing homes located near our preschool, our little ones make an impact in our community! In 2016, we were also involved in staging an original musical that was composed and choreographed for ECDA’s Early Childhood Conference!

“Start Small Dream Big” President’s Challenge 2022 brought us to MWS Bethany Nursing Home (CCK) this year. Enjoy our latest video montage!

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