Hebron Christian Preschool is a part of the Hebron Bible-Presbyterian Church family. We were established in 1996 when the church moved from its Clementi West location into its brand new premises in Yew Tee, a subzone of Choa Chu Kang. As we sought to serve our neighbourhood, we grew up with many young families in Yew Tee to become a popular kindergarten in the residential estate.


    Our mission is to provide a stimulating and enriching learning environment for children to enable them to achieve their full potential, in a Christian environment where children can also learn biblical principles and values.


    The Early Childhood Programme of Hebron Christian Preschool is committed to the development of the whole child. We believe in:

    • fostering each child’s intellectual, physical, emotional, social, cultural and aesthetic growth
    • providing learning activities that are developmentally appropriate
    • creating a learning environment that is stimulating and challenging
    • designing a curriculum that is integrated with meaningful themes that will spark the children’s natural curiosity, interest and enthusiasm
    • allowing children to go through sequences of growth to develop their individual patterns of growth, personality and learning

Our Principal & Teachers

Our Principal Mrs Hephzi See is one of the 24 ECDA Fellows in Singapore. ECDA Fellows are appointed based on their deep expertise in the field of early childhood care and education, strong leadership in developing quality practices and building a culture of professionalism, collaboration, trust and teamwork, and exemplary professionalism that makes them role models for other early childhood educators.

Mrs See is also an adjunct lecturer of National Institute of Early Childhood Development (NIEC).

Mrs See fondly shares, “The well-being of children is at the heart of what I do. I believe in nurturing their curiosity, creativity, commitment and kindness – qualities that will help them acquire 21st-century skills. Preschool teachers make a significant difference in the lives of children. I seek to inspire our team to embrace change and continually upgrade themselves with different pedagogies and approaches. Teamwork is critical so that we can learn from one another.” Indeed, our teachers and staff are a group of highly motivated individuals who are constantly striving to help every child excel to the best of their abilities. They are caring, dedicated and experienced. We also have a strong parent support group that actively helps out in our activities.

Our Principal is also well-respected as a SPARK Champion. Mrs See has been instrumental in raising the standard of early childhood education at Hebron Christian Preschool, through our rigorous SPARK certification journey. Enjoy this special video clip produced by ECDA on our experience!

What Parents Say


My daughter, Jamie, is studying in K1D.  She transferred to CCKBCK when her previous school closed down last year.  Being an introvert, she did not articulate her feelings readily before entering CCKBCK.

However, within two weeks of school, Jamie blossomed into a child that beams with happiness at the thought of going to school.  She loves her teachers, Miss Rachel Lim and Mdm Lim very much. Jamie even told me that she wants to be a teacher just like her teachers when she grows up.  Like every child, she has her strengths and weaknesses.  I am grateful to her teachers for being able to give me feedback about Jamie’s development and recommendations on how to guide Jamie in her growing years. As a parent, there is no greater joy than to see your child running into school with enthusiasm and being warmly greeted by her teachers and classmates alike.

It has been four months and her enthusiasm about school has not waned a single bit.  She loves Thursdays as those are known as homework days to her.  She does her work diligently with pride, which reflects the enthusiasm to learn that had been cultivated in school and at home.

We are very glad that we chose CCKBCK for Jamie and feel blessed that she is in a nurturing environment that enables her to grow and learn.  Special thanks to her teachers, as well as all the welcoming faces of the teachers and Mrs See every time we drop her off at school.  We could not have made a better choice.


We enrolled our son in the Kindergarten in 2019. We were initially worried because he was terrified of attending his previous school. However, he adapted quickly to the new environment and began to enjoy school.

His teachers, Miss Li and Mdm Lu, are very patient and approachable. We can speak to the teachers directly about our son‘s performance in school to guide him better. Now, he is able to recognise and trace letters. He understands and follows instructions, speaks more and is able to express his thoughts in simple sentences. He is a curious child, always asking questions and exploring the world, and enjoys the interactions with his peers and teachers. We are happy with his progress and development.

Thank you, Miss Li, Mdm Lu, Mrs Michael, Mrs See, teachers and staff of Choa Chu Kang Bible Centre Kindergarten for your support and for providing a conducive learning environment for our children.


Although our sons, Lucas and Joshua, entered CCKBCK in the middle of the term, we saw them adapting very quickly. The transition was smooth and our children often share what they have learnt in school. Our elder son especially enjoyed the worship sessions during assembly.

During the circuit breaker, our sons missed attending school, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank God for all of you. We appreciate your hard work, selflessly taking care of so many children despite the difficult situation.